Standing Out

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I just stumbled upon a great way to spend 17 minutes and 5 seconds of my Saturday morning.  Seth Godin’s presentation on the shift in brand marketing is absolutely delightful and invaluable.  If you’ve got 17:05 to spare watch it now.  If you don’t–make time to watch it.  If you care to better understand how the very practice of marketing is shifting, you won’t regret this investment of your time.


Getting Social

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The influence of Social Media on our society as a whole, and on the way we do business, cannot be denied.  Just how much it affects business is something we are all beginning to understand.  We are, all of us, to some degree or other, working on a strategy to focus our efforts on the right Social Media activities to reach our clients.  That is why I found this article so invaluable.  The Nielsen Social Media Report and What It Means to Customer Service by Alison at Assistly was a well-written thought-provoking post, but its link to the Nielsen statistics themselves were the treasure.

Well illustrated, easy to understand, and downright inspirational these statistics are invaluable.  The report has my brain working at a hundred-miles-a-minute on determining just how we will tailor our Social Media efforts to better fit our business niche, using this new insight.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it equally as exciting.

At the very least, they are both a worth-while read.

Take a couple of minutes and read the post by Alison, then review the Nielsen statistics.  If you wish to do so, there is even a quick form from Nielsen to fill out in order to download the report as a .PDF.


The Personal Approach

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I ran into an exceptional article (through an associate on LinkedIn) and I just had to share it:

60 Ways Personalization is Changing Marketing by Jeanne Hopkins, on HubSpot Blog.

It’s a quick-read and well worth the time.  If marketing to your clients in a manner which enhances and reinforces the client-provider relationship is important to you, then take a couple of minutes and gain from the insights this article provides.

Virtual Assistants in the News

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Virtual Assistant services are on the rise.  Find out from the experts why they are so beneficial.  We’ve gathered together some helpful news articles and even a news report for you to view.

Read what the BBC’s Working Lunch’s Ian Jolly had to say about it.

Read CNN’s Nick Easen’s article.

Find out what Microsoft Business reported.

Watch the video from NBC’s TODAY show.

Let Bizzy-Bee get the job done for you!

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When should you contract a virtual assistant?


  • When your own assistant is out or too overloaded to handle a special project.
  • When you are travelling overseas and want to have someone who can keep up with your time-zone.
  • When you have a crunch for that ‘special project’ which should have been done yesterday.
  • When keeping up with your contacts and ensuring customer retention is a priority.
  • When the holidays come around.
  • When..ever YOU wish to Be Virtually Everywhere.

Translation and Writing Services

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Bizzy-Bee Virtual Assistant specialises in complex technical documents, policy and procedures manuals, Technical Studies, and Speeches.
Let us help you with your next Translation or Writing Project and Be Virtually Everywhere in writing.


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Welcome to Bizzy-Bee Virtual Assistant

When do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant services are ideal for the busy executive or entrepreneur who wishes to multiply their efforts without being burdened with the payroll and hiring expenses associated with adding an additional full time assistant.  Bizzy-Bee Virtual Assistant has over 20 years of experience with managing complex projects and extensive travel requirements.  We understand your needs and we’re ready to get to work for you!